Garages created with the use of our technology meet the highest standards. The steel construction ensures the garage is stable and durable. The construction calculations meet all guidelines.

The external walls are made of tinware in a cassette system to obtain a perfectly flat surface of the external wall. The façade is finished with a thin-layer silicone plaster in any colour chosen, which makes the façade provided with the highest protection against external factors and has low susceptibility to dirt with the effect of self-cleaning. The internal walls are finished with paint in white, also very resistant to dirt, thanks to which we obtain the effect of a clean and aesthetic room.

The roof structure is made of cold formed sections, while the roof sheathing is made of trapezoidal metal sheet from a renowned manufacturer. Due to the fact that our garage meets the standards we may build it within 90% of surfaces in our country. This is related to the snow load zones. We manufacture garages as standard from I to the III snow load zones.

By focusing on the exceptional solidity of our garages, we cooperate with the best suppliers of window and door joinery. Wiśniewski and Krispol products are known for their exceptional quality, thus being the leading producers on the European market. A wide range of products allows one to satisfy every customer. Each garage is finished with PVC guttering and flashing in the selected colour.