About Us

We are a manufacturer of plastered tin garages. The usage of the latest technology allowing the combination of a steel structure with a typical façade finish, namely a thin-layer plaster, gives the opportunity to create garages that look like masonry. The creation process proceeds in accordance with the construction project, thanks to which it meets all standards.

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Why Us?
modern technology

The steel structure combined with the special technique of plastering of external walls makes the garage look like a masonry one

reduce costs

By choosing our garages, you decide to reduce costs by up to 60% compared to building a traditional garage.


Reliability and care for the smallest details make our products unrivaled.

Implementation of investments 1-2 days

The process of building a garage for the customer is 1-2 days.


Garages created with the use of our technology meet the highest standards. The steel construction ensures the garage is stable and durable. The construction calculations meet all guidelines.

we produce plastered tin metal garages, carports, garden houses and tool gazebos. Our offer includes:
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